Caroline DonnellyI help entrepreneurial women stand out and deliver a strong voice that connects and creates relationships with their prospects and clients. With an intense love for learning – and all things techie – I never doubt my ability to figure things out quickly and have yet to encounter a computer program I couldn’t learn.

Growing up as a middle child, I often felt lost in the shuffle with no voice, no confidence, and low self-esteem. During my first career, which lasted twenty years in administration with non-profit organizations, I helped others improve their lives and human rights – helping them have a voice… and I found my voice and place in the world.

Eventually, I was ready for change and in the late ‘90’s, made a dramatic career shift to become a freight train conductor at a time when less than 2% of Canadians employed in that position were women. I’m proud to have helped pave the way for other women to succeed in a place many considered to be reserved for men.

I’ve grown from an awkward, shy teenager with no confidence to being instrumental in helping hundreds of others achieve success in many forms. I love to do public speaking and openly share my gifts and talents with audiences.

When the physical demands of working on the railroad impacted my health, I decided to start my own coaching practice in 2010 and clients benefited with increased self-esteem and confidence. But I intuitively knew I needed help to grow the business so I hired a coach. Within months, my coach helped me realize I was on the wrong path as my love of technology became evident.

Today, I am an accomplished virtual assistant, helping women entrepreneurs eliminate overwhelm so they can focus on making more money. I develop WordPress sites, ezines, ebooks, and anything else to ensure my clients’ voices are heard.

I work to streamline systems and lighten your workload. To find out how I can help you, check out my services or request a complimentary consultation.

“I believe we have the ability to overcome anything. I know the power of positive thinking and affirmations… because these practices changed my life.”