A virtual assistant is an independent business owner who is contracted to perform certain duties, freeing up your time to get and keep more clients or customers. The tasks a virtual assistant can do are extensive: general admin, website development and maintenance, newsletters and ezines, social media, customer support, video and audio editing, marketing, travel booking, appointment setting and reminders, document preparation and editing, etc, etc, etc… the list goes on.

With a virtual assistant you do not pay for:

  • office space
  • equipment
  • supplies
  • vacations
  • lunch breaks
  • time off for illness
  • benefits
  • employee deductions

A virtual assistant:

  • works from their own location
  • uses their own equipment
  • pays for their own training
  • only bills for the hours they actually work

Did you know?

  • The actual cost of a full-time worker (with benefits) is about 140%of their salary.
    • You do not pay for benefits with a virtual assistant.
  • On average, businesses spend $1,200 on training for each full-time employee every year.
    • A virtual assistant pays for their own training.

To get specific ideas on how a virtual assistant could help you and your business succeed, contact me here to book your complimentary strategy session.